What is Speaking Endian?

“Endia” is the incorrect spelling of the country “India”.

It is also incorrect to say that Indians speak “Indian”.

However in the case of the writer, Endia Necori, it is incorrect to spell her name “India”.

It is also incorrect to say that she speaks anything other than “Endian”.

Endian is the language spoken only by Endia Necori. Because as life has it, Endia Necori is not 100% like any other person on this world. Although there may be some similarity in physical looks and personal likes between her and someone else, there is not and will never be another Endia Necori in this world.

Because everyone is going through their own, unique journey here on Earth paths may cross, but no one`s path is the same. Each person could be in the same place, at the same time, witnessing the same event but come out with totally different stories about it.

This is Endia Necori`s story about life as she sees and experiences it, being led by the Holy Spirit. Each post is a page out of her life story and she hopes that you will read these pages and obtain something fruitful out of it. Whether you find some healing through her songs or some hope in her words.

Ultimately she lives to encourage and lift up those who seem to not have found their own language and aren`t aware of where they are in their own stories. She hopes to guide those into pursuing and following what God has created them for so that they can be fulfilled and begin speaking their own language fluently.

Endian is the way that Endia Necori sees, hears, and experiences God. Therefore this blog, Speaking Endian, is the book in which she records these moments, from her mundane daily life adventures to her spontaneous travel adventures. This is how she translates the effects of Jesus` life into her own life.