The Sea of Seers: The Hitachi Seaside Park Visit

    I`m the type of person who will change their mind about going somewhere once the date draws near. I guess I don`t start thinking of the logistics of a plan until it`s about time for the plan to take place.

The easiest time for anyone to see this about me is if we go to an amusement park. I`m all up for going on the big, scary roller coaster with all the loops and tunnels and whatnot from a far. I`m even good about it when we just get in the line. But as soon as we`re about 3 minutes or so from getting in the seat of the coaster, reality hits me and I start seeing things like a scene out of Final Destination.
The height becomes higher, the screams become louder, and my life because deader. The
thing is I`ve never not gone on a ride out of fear. Though I always cancel plans out of fear—-fear of boredom.
And that brings us to Hitachi Seaside Park.
If you don`t know about Hitachi then you probably still won`t know much from me. I`m no travel guide and I`m not aspiring to be one.

I even went to the park and I still can’t tell you anything other than what I knew before: It`s a park that has a heck of a lot of flowers. That`s it.

There`s an amusement park there too, but it`s mostly for children and might as well be one of those little carnivals that come and go out of random grocery store parking lots each season, but more stationary.

On a piece of paper, Hitachi has nothing to offer other than pictures. And if you`re really into that type of thing then it`s perfect. And I love pictures, especially if I`m in it. But I also love my money more. And as the day drew closer…as in, the night before the morning we were suppose to leave…I said to myself
           “Self, what do you like more, flexing on instagram or food & clothes?”
      And I answered myself,
           “I like to eat and I want pretty clothes”.
 I couldn`t wrap my mind around the idea of spending about $80 for a trip to essentially a public garden to take pictures if I couldn`t eat the garden or eat the pictures, it was pointless.
Needless to say, somewhere between about 9pm and 4am I found a point to go. I found two points really. There names are God and mom.
And so I went.
And I took photos like everyone else.
And let me tell you, there were a lot of everyone elses out there. It was nearly impossible to get a photo without someone in the background taking a photo. The sounds of phones and lenses shuttering paraded the atmosphere. There were children in their little straw hats taking pictures of their parents in some silly pose. Everyone was a model and everyone was a photographer.
There were individuals literally waiting for other people to finish taking their pictures just so they could get their shot. When there were literally flowers everywhere you`d think certain areas wouldn`t be so crowded.
 It made me wonder, are people even looking at the flowers or just using them as props for their own elaborate social media story.
Then I got separated from my group because I was too busy trying to take a photo. I thought it would be easy to find the only non-Asians in a sea of Asian faces, but with that many people around even my brown skin might have come off whiter at a quick glance.
I was lost in a floral sea.
Literally, venturing out to the nemophila section of the park really looked like a sea. It was a breathtaking sight. And as one of my traveling partners put it, it was the park`s climax point.
 It was a beautiful sight, sans the cameras. But I had to get my pictures. That`s what I was there for, right?
But since I no longer had my designated photographer friends around me, I had to play a game of “let`s see who can take the best picture” in which I asked several different strangers to take my picture until someone took one that I liked. 
                                   (This is one picture. No one ever took one I liked) 
Then that got boring and I decided to head back to the designated “this is where we`ll meet for lunch” location until I saw ice cream. Blue ice cream that was clearly inspired by the nemophila 
but had not nearly the same since of satisfaction and beauty to my taste buds as the flowers had to my eyes.

I ate it anyway, because I`m an all or nothing type of girl these days.
Most importantly, the decision to get the ice cream came from a place of release. A place inside me that said, “hey you silly girl, let yourself go. Enjoy the park and all it`s basic-ness and have a good time”.

Because I guess the thing about playing a game of who can take the best pictures is that I wasn`t doing it out of fun, I was doing it to kill time. I really didn’t get to enjoy the stupid, blue nemafia or whatever because I was too worried about getting the perfect picture of myself.
I was trying to stage happiness and excitement and the thing that was wrong about everyone`s pictures wasn’t their picture taking skills but my present state of being.

I was lost at sea.

Trying to fit in with all the picture takers but not just enjoying what God had already put on the earth. And so I was drowning, and that`s what really came across through the pictures in my eyes.
But choosing to eat that disgusting ice cream because it was seemingly park exclusive, was me deciding to float. (Isn`t it funny how something seemingly bad for you can be something good)
And so I did. I floated in my little yellow dress all the way to jolliness wrapped in a sandwich and I eventually got to take some pictures that were more my style.
And so I was full of contentment when we came upon a group of people from Indonesia worshipping in the park (who are now my friends). Just a few minutes after joining them I realized that I had reached the climax of the evening. I was were I was supposed to be and not only was I there, I was aware that I was there.

And so I spent the rest of the day like that. Aware that there`s so much more to life when you are not only present in God, but aware of it. That He`s there and you are too. Because God is all around us, but some of us still have our eyes on the lense of the camera that they’re holding up waiting their turn to get the best shot of Him. 
Hopefully my next post will be something a little less reflective and a little more crazy.
I like crazy.
Until then. 

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  1. Lisa Harris says:

    I really like your post!


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