2015s Best & 2016s Nexts (Part 4 The Real Deal)

Although I just spent the last three post talking about my favorite movies, music, and tv shows of 2015 I don’t think these really defined my year. Overall I think I could summarize my 2015 into three words “leggings and face masks”. The thing that I did more in 2015 than watch movies and Netflix and explore new music was watch Youtube videos on vegan recipes, skincare, and fitness videos.

In the beginning of 2015 I was a little interested in living a healthier lifestyle and as the year progressed I became almost obsessed with it. I watched tons of Korean skincare videos and natural skincare videos, and if I wasn’t watching up on it I was reading up on it. I bought my first Korean face masks ever around August and have been addicted ever since.
I definitely consider the Youtube channel WISHTRENDtv as my go to skincare help channel.I’ve also loved seeing the clips that insitetv posts on their channel from Get It Beauty. I haven’t watched too many full episodes of this Korean show but I plan on doing so in 2016. Meanwhile skincare has also led me into being obsessed with finding a good makeup routine for myself. I don’t have many makeup products but I figure after I graduate I’ll have more spare time to actually wear makeup and I’ll even have more events where I’ll want to wear makeup. 
So I figure I should at least know how to do it. The thing is I prefer the trendy Korean makeup looks over the trendy American makeup looks. I’ve noticed that it’s trendy in American to wear lots of bold makeup on an everyday basis but meanwhile Koreans focus more on caring for the skin and presenting a more natural makeup look. i could do loads of posts on this so look forward to that in 2016. But back in 2015 I was definitely into  SoothingSista’s makeup tutorials more this year than ever, she carried that subtle Korean look that I had but still kept it edgy and unique. I’ll probably watch more Get It Beauty episodes for makeup looks. 
 I’ve done more research on natural ingredients more in 2015 than ever. Part of this is because I changed my diet to more of a vegan diet (I say “more of” because every now and then I still eat cheese or eat products with milk and eggs in them). Changing to this diet has led me to be even more aware of what I’m consuming than usual so I like to look up different foods and ingredients to learn about there benefits or there harms. 
So through this research I’ve come across a whole other realm in the world of Youtube: the vegan realm. I’ve come across some awesome vegan Youtubers who have just really helped along this process. 
My favorites of 2015 are: Essena O’Neill (even though she deleted all her social media accounts, I still give her props because she was the first vegan Youtuber I followed and many of her “What I Eat in A Day” videos gave me many recipe ideas), Laura Miller (who is adorkable), Hot for Food/Lauren Toyota, and Mr.&Mrs. Vegan. 
These Youtubers have definitely given me a lot of recipe ideas and through that I’ve been trying new fruits and veggies.Some produce I even been eating more of lately and found a new love for them. My favorites of these in 2015 are: kiwi, mangoes, chickpeas, green tea (which I will do a whole other post on), chia seeds, and BANANAS!! 
With eating well comes working out which I was doing a very good job at in the summer but slacked on once I started school back up in September. Regardless, I will still say that Way of Gray’s workout program was very helpful over the summer and I’ve actually already restarted it right before Christmas of 2015 so my workout routine is back on track. Starting the Way of Gray workout program before January 1 made me realize that I’ve learned to enjoy working out and not just doing it to lose weight. I usually would have waited until January 1 to start working out because I would have wanted to track my weight loss perfectly, but I started in December because I just missed working out. So along with that I’ve also been starting Blogilates again more consistently. I’m looking forward to find more fitness activities to try out in 2016. 
Lastly, some few more Youtube favorites include: clothesencouters (Jenn Im), Rachel Nguyen (that’s chic), Tothe9s, TheLineUp, Jeremy Jahns, Marianna Hewitt and Refinery 29. With the exception of Jahns these are all fashion and lifestyle Youtube channels. With these Youtube vloggers along with the fact that I’ve fallen in love again with Tumblr in 201,  I’ve definitely found a new love for not only fashion but colors and all around visual aesthetics.This has definitely carried on into 2016 as I’ve created a mood board for fashion looks that I’m loving which I’ll share in another post. I’ve just really been loving fashion photography and the juxtaposition of certain colors along with other colors, people, structures, images etc.  So look forward to my fashion rants in 2016. 
Well that’s a wrap on my 2015. I now feel that I have can comfortably take off into more consistent blogging in 2016. As you can see I don’t have any new years resolutions. Instead I have expectations. I expect this to be my best year so far and I expect to continue moving forward in my life by taking the things that I love and crafting them into something enjoyable to read, watch and listen to. So this year expect less dry ranting and more creatively crafted rants. You’ll see what I mean sooner than later. 


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