2015 Bests & 2016 Nexts (Part 3 Music)


In Part 2 I said that Unpretty Rapstar was one of my favorite tv shows of 2015 and it made Korean hip hop and R&B exciting to me again. Before watching Unpretty Rapstar I was feeling mostly the mainstream K-pop songs and I really stopped venturing into a lot the indie K-pop stuff that I usually venture into. When making this list I did realize that the Korean songs or artists that ended up on my favorites list actually didn’t have a mainstream k-pop sound though. So that’s pretty good. I guess it shows that I still did some venturing after all.


-Hyukoh- I mentioned this band in one of my monthly favorites posts before. I’m so happy I stumbled across this band. Oh Hyuk’s, the lead singer, voice is so raspy yet melodic and their sound is filled with all types of California beach vibes but yet it still maintains an essence of that sweet and quirky Korean charm. Two of my favorite songs are “Wing Wing Wing” and “Ohio”.

-Primary- Through Hyukoh’s videos on Youtube I was directed to Primary who has definitely been on repeat throughout the year. Primary always has the sickest chill R&B beats that are very reminiscent of a bit of A Tribe Called Quest type beats, some jazz, some chill rock vibes, and some Korean quirky pop melodies. I love the eclectic nature of the songs Primary produces, they are all disgustingly different but yet they still can be labeled as a Primary original. Two of my favorite songs are “Just Like U” and “Hello”.

-F(x)’s 4 Walls- I’m a long time fan of this awesome K-pop group. Unfortunately this year one of their members dropped out and the group became a 4-piece. If you ask me Sulli decided to drop out at a stupid time because 4 Walls is the best f(x) album yet. It’s like each album these girls get better and better and I love the fact that they are daring to reach out to uncharted territory in the mainstream K-pop world. Not only was I feeling the entire album, their look for this album was absolutely flawless as well. 4 Walls was filled with more house music and island EDM type of sounds than usual and I loved it. Two of my favorite songs are “Rude Love” and “4 Walls”.

– Stromae- One of my best friends introduced me to this Belgian born, French rapping mastermind. Stromae’s songs are infused with African drums, European EDM, and a whole lot of other cool sounds that he probably picked up along his venturing through the minds of people on his little blue rocket ship. Yes, I imagine Stromae travels in a blue rocket ship. My friend gave me her ticket to go to his concert in September at the last minute and I am incredibly thankful. If I didn’t go to his concert it would have been a bit longer until I appreciated this man. Two of my favorite songs are “Formidable” and “Papaoutai”.

-King Krule- Now I was actually introduced to the King Krule around November 2014 when one of my favorite bloggers/vlogger Rachel Ngyuen used his song “Out Getting Ribs” in one of her videos. I didn’t fully get into his stuff until early 2015. He has such a unique voice that makes me think of a drunken blues songs sung in rundown, smoke filled small bars in the middle of nowhere and I absolutely love it. Two of my favorite songs are “Easy Easy” and “Out Getting Ribs”.

-Miguel’s Wildheart- Wildheart is part R&B, part rock, part soul, part sex.. Miguel is also another artist I had the pleasure of seeing (and touching) live in 2015. The only difference is I already his album on repeat and was already a fan before going to his concert. The good thing is that unlike most artist who end up stop enjoying after I see them live, Miguel made me even a bigger fan of his than before. His live performance helped deepen the interpretation that I initially had about his album Wildheart.   I could tell that he crafted that album with the utmost care and soul as he performed. On top of that, Miguel’s voice sounds even sexier live than it does in the album. This man is definitely, highly underrated. Two of my favorite songs are “face the sun” and “gfg”.

-Ellie Goulding’s Delirium-Once again Ellie Goulding is an artist I loved more after seeing live. Just like Miguel I would see her live as many times as possible. As big of a fan I am of hers I totally didn’t listen to her Delirium album until about a month after it was released. I definitely should have been on this album when it first dropped. This is my favorite album from her so far. Each song in this album could be a Billlboard hit for sure and although Ellie headed with a little more of a different sound this albu, each song still carries that whimsical, fairytale like Goulding touch. Two of my favorite songs are: “Keep On Dancin'” and “Holding on For Life”.

-Big Bang- Obviously I saved the best for last (well to be honest, Ellie Goulding’s album is probably my favorite of the year but you know, it’s Big Bang). Although BigBang has yet to release the actual MADE album which they postponed back in what October(?) the songs that they single albums they released throughout the year were all amazing. Each single was a hit and they will surely still be some of my favorite Big Bang songs ever. Two of my favorite songs are: “If You” and “Bae Bae”.

Honarable Mentions: Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber’s albums were two surprising albums that I enjoyed this year. Selena Gomez usually releases at least one single that I thoroughly enjoy but I never enjoy her entire album. The album she released in 2015 was actually really good, and I loved the minimal direction she took. Meanwhile the only JB song I’ve ever really liked was “Baby” and I’ve basically sworn him off ever since, but I must say I have become a JB appreciator this year. I actually downloaded more than 2 of his songs from the album.”No Sense” is legit one of my top go to jams right now, so yes I’ll have to give respect where respect is due and give a shoutout to the Biebs.

Last notes: Overall this year I was definitely feeling house music and what I’m calling island house/isladn EDM music a lot this year. There were a lot of songs I heard through some Youtubers I follow that had a lot of house music that I downloaded. The year of 2015 was definitely a year without a lot of rock music which I’m usually into. The funny thing is a doubt that 2016 is going to be filled with a lot of rock music either. Right now I’m currently venturing into African music and more American and Korean R&B and Hip-Hop. I’m also interested in going more into the 60s and 70s French pop scene and just more French music all around. I’m excited to see what songs will be the soundtrack for my 2016.


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