2015 Bests & 2016 Nexts (Part 2 TV Shows)

I typed more than I expected to on the first part of the 2015 favorites wrap up and so for my sanity I decided to just separate my favorites.

As I said in the first part, I actually spent more time watching tv shows this year than I did movies. I think its because tv shows have just been more easily accessible than movies usually are for me. I also think its because the tv shows have actually been good this year than they have been in a very long time. So here are some of the standout tv shows I watched in 2015.

TV Shows
How to Get Away With Murder is the only Shonda Rimes show I’ve ever watched and enjoyed. I was initially skeptical of watching the show because it was one of her shows and I knew I probably wouldn’t enjoy it because she is known for super over dramatic material that I really hate. I ultimately decided to give the show a chance because I like Viola Davis and I also wanted to support the homie from Harry Potter who’s real name has slipped my mind. Now I’m addicted to the show but I can already tell that her over dramatic script-writing is going to die out on me maybe in about two more seasons at the most.
Daredevil was my favorite tv show earlier this year before I watched everything else I’m about to mention. It was very intriguing and the action sequences were very wonderful. I’m definitely looking forward to the next season.

– Over the summer I hit up two great kinda old Korean shows: Moon Embracing the Sun and Secret Garden. It’s a good thing I watched them too because I was getting kind of worried that all Korean shows had weak female leads and was tempted to stop watching them. The female leads in these shows werent’ 100% super kick ass but they weren’t the wimpy, roll with the show leads that I’m used to. Most importantly the screenplay for these shows was just excellent. I love Kim Soo-hyun (METS’s male lead), he’s just a phenomenal actor and I’d watch anything with him in it and now through Secret Garden I’ve been introduced to and fallen in love with Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-Won. Obviously as a long time K-pop and Korean culture fan I’ve heard of these two amazing actors but this is the first time that I’ve actually got to see a piece of their work. I’ve already got some of their other stuff in my 2016 “to see” list.

-I’m kind of cheating by mentioning Jessica Jones as my favorites of 2015 because I finished watching this show only about 5 days ago. I was initially going to put it on my honorable mentions because I didn’t see all of it in 2015 but was still intrigued by it. I saw the first two episodes with my mom while she was braiding my hair one day but wasn’t entirely feeling it mainly because I was expecting it to be an action show like Daredevil. So one day about last week while I was bored at work I gave it another shot and just got sucked in. Once I got over the fact that she wasn’t your typical superhero I got to enjoy the show a lot more and so that’s why this is my favorite show of 2015.
Unpretty Rapstar was also another great Korean show that I enjoyed this year. It’s basically a female rap competition and I started watching it because two of my favorite female idols were competing on the show: Hyorin of Sistar and Yubin of the Wonder Girls. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and it actually re-sparked my interest in discovering more indie K-Hip Hop and R&B artists so expect more reviews on that this year.
– Honorable Mentions: Portlandia was a show I started earlier in 2015 one day while waiting for my class to start. It isn’t your typical sitcom show, but it’s my kind of quirky comedy which I liked. I’ve only watched 2 episodes but I do plan on watching some more this year. Master of None carries a similar story as I watched 2 episodes just at the end of 2016 during my lunch break at work and was laughing my butt off but still haven’t found the time to continue watching it.
-To Watch in 2016: Mr.Robot and Quantico. I specifically am interested in these movies because I like that the main characters are played by people from a minority race. With Quantico I’m double interested because Priyanka Chopra is one of my favorite Indian actresses right after Kajol, Aishwarya Rai, and Rani Mukerji.


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