2015 Bests & 2016 Nexts (Part 1 Movies)

Late’s better than never, right guys.

   It’s the 20th day of 2016 and I’ve been enjoying myself a lot. I just went on an awesome trip to Las Vegas for the first time of my life, I’ve aged another year, and I’m not as afraid of graduating as I was over the winter break. I had too many nights when I’ve woke up over the winter break drenched in fear. It’s like somehow in the middle of some random dream about eating donuts my sub-sub-subconcious woke up and reminded me of the fact that I’m graduating in less than 5 months and I have no pre-made box to go in, but that’s another post for another day.
   Today I’m recapping a few of my favorite things of 2015. I’m not recapping my favorite moments and memories, that’d be too long. Instead I hope to direct this blog into more of a direction where I detail my moments and memories, to make it more of a diary especially since I plan on starting my life as a traveling writer. The great thing is that most of my favorite things of 2015 are the products of of my favorite moments and events of 2015. So everything works out in the end doesn’t it.
      What I realized while compiling this list is that I haven’t watched as many movies this year as I usually do. There were actually a lot of movies that were released late in 2014 that I wanted to watch in 2015 but never did. I think this is mainly because in 2015 I spent more time watching television shows which is odd for me because tv shows aren’t usually my thing. I’m a movie buff at heart so I hope in 2016 to watch more.
                 –Stars Wars: The Force Awakens is not my favorite movie of 2015 but it was definitely my 2nd favorite. The funny thing is I didn’t watch any Star Wars movie until the week of Thanksgiving because I wanted to know if it was any good. I watched the first released Star Wars movie then and thought it was pretty average, but understood why it would have such an impact in the movie world. I really loved Lucas’ Star Wars world, although the movie was made more than 30 years ago I definitely think it is one of the most original worlds I’ve ever read or seen and that was a huge positive factor. The newer Star Wars release I just feel absolutely in love with though, the actors were amazing and it was something about that opening title that just really hit my heart and brought nostalgia to a series I’m not even attached to. The Force Awakens made me want to be a Star Wars fan and now in 2016 I plan to watch the rest of the saga.


               –Ex Machina was my favorite movie of 2015 mainly because I’m still thinking about it and analyzing it more than 6 months after seeing it. It’s about robots but it’s definitely more about humanity, morals and all that good psychological mess. A good thriller to me is one that pulls at the mind and makes you question your normal, and this movie did it for me. Everything from Oscar Isaac’s acting (who side note I’ve been in love with since I saw him as the prince in Robin Hood, he’s just beautiful and I’m super happy he’s getting a lot of recognition lately) to the cinematography, to the script to just everything was just amazingly done. As Jeremy Jahn’s movie rating system would describe it’s awesomeness:  I’d buy this movie on BluRay.
               –Cowspiracy and Farm Inc were definitely my favorite documentaries of this year. They definitely helped give me more information to support my transition to a vegan diet. I got more insight into the corruption within the food industry and more. Definitely a must watch regardless of if you’re wanting to be vegan or not.


           -Other Movies: Avengers 2, Ant-Man, & Dope. Two of these are blockbuster Marvel action movies and one of these is a great indie movie with a mostly black cast. Honestly at this point I’d buy a ticket for any movie with a Marvel label without even knowing what it is. While Avengers 2 was obviously great, Ant-Man was the real suprise  for me this year as I didn’t expect it to be as great as it was because an ant-man superhero didn’t sound so cool, but right now Ant-Man is actually my favorite Marvel movie released.  Then Dope was also a wonderful movie that I’d also buy on Blu-Ray. I try to stay away with movies with a majority black cast because I’ve noticed they tend to play into black stereotypes which I don’t want to support. Either it’s an biographical film about some black athlete, singer, etc or it’s about drugs, poverty or slavery. I was attracted to Dope because it seemed to be realistic and authentic to to the middle class group. The group of blacks who aren’t successful because they’re in the entertainment business or about the blacks who struggled during slavery or civil rights. Not to down play these things, I’m just tired of these being the only movies about blacks, like these are the only things we can do or be. Although Dope still dealt with drugs it tackled it in a comedic and thought provoking way. I enjoyed the main cast who were like the nerdy hipsters trying to fit in and all the craziness that occurred. This movie is definitely underrated but it shouldn’t be. I think this would make for a great film for movie night as it’s funny and light.
   -Honorable Mentions: Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie that I saw in 2015 and liked. I saw it on a lot of favorite movies of 2015 lists but it didn’t fully make mine. This is because I streamed the movie online at a time when my internet connection was incredibly awful and so the movie kept playing and pausing. So while waiting I fell asleep and I feel like this ultimately ruined the movie experience for me. I think if I watched it again without any interruptions I would enjoy it much better.
      – Still on the “To See” List: The Martian, Spotlight, Hateful 8, Macbeth, The Revenant (Leo better win the Academy Award for this), and Southpaw.

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