2015 Summer of K-Pop Pt 3: The Last Round

Before you get ahead of yourself, no Girls’ Generation will not be a part of this list. I wasn’t heavily attached to any of their new releases this summer. “Party” was average and I did sing it on repeat for one day, but after that it went back to being basic. With that said here is the final wrap of summer songs that past the basic meter for me.

BigBang(GD&T.O.P) -“Zutter”

Let’s start off with a Bang, yeah? In August BigBang released their “E” singles album ending their MADE series. I didn’t care for the other song off that single album but “Zutter” I was the song I was all over. Even though I’m still not over the fact that they aren’t really saying “Zutter” and more like “chulloh” this song is mad sick. Everything from that Diplo-esque beat to the wackiness of their lyrics and MV this song is awesome.

Hyuna-“Roll Deep” 

I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical of Hyuna’s latest single based on that racy teaser video she dropped. When I watched the MV I still wasn’t enthused with a good bit of the choreography choices but overall the song is pretty great. It’s a great EDM filled hip-pop track that will be fun to dance to and sing in the car. I’m still not as crazy about Hyunah’s musical choices as I was when I heard “Change” but “Roll Deep” is a great way modern dance track for the time being. Will it last in the fall? Probably not, but I’m having fun while it lasts and I’m sure Hyuna is too.

GOT7-“Just right”

A song that will definitely last beyond both summer and fall for me is GOT7’s “Just right”. This might be because it’s very reminiscent of a type of song a 90s American boy band would make, but this song has little hints of 2015 style beats and the signature Korean style rapping. Plus when I watched the MV and saw the translation I knew that this was  a great uplifting R&B song with an addictive dance. Now everyone sing “oooooooh oooh”!

Gu Hara-“Choco Chip Cookies”

Okay I know this is not the best song by far, and many people might consider Girls’ Generation’s stuff as a better option, but I don’t care. I really enjoy the playfulness of this song. You can hear it the most in the instrumental and combined with Hara’s voice it gives off a really sweet summer sound. The lyrics are complete garbage, I’m not going to lie but I think it’s saved 100% by everything else. It’s a fun song, and that’s what summer is all about, right?

Red Velvet-“Dumb Dumb”

It wasn’t too long ago that SM’s baby girl group, Red Velvet, made a comeback with “Dumb Dumb”, their best single so far in my opinion. “Dumb Dumb” is a eclectic pop track that has dashes of edm and trap music in it. What this group succeeds at the most in this song is the layering and smooth transitions of the rhythm and their singing melody. This is one of the stronger songs of the season as it nails being both repetitive (which is good for the money) and unique (which is good for their long term success).

MAMAMOO- “Um Oh Ah Yeh”

While Spica decides to get their sound together I’m being treated well by the vocal prowess of the 4 members that makeup MAMAMOO. Their confidence shows out extremely well in their voices alone as they no how to harmonize well and tell the message of their songs through the inflation, deepening or airiness of their voices. In “Um Oh Ah Yeh” we see the most fun side of the girls yet, and I’m not even talking about the MV yet. I’m used to their super retro and soulful singles. This song however leans more to a lighter yet still strong pop side. It’s crazy addictive and fun to sing along to, but it maintains it’s uniqueness without being annoying. Definitely one of my favorites of the year.


While MAMAMOO managed to succeed in having a catchy chorus, we all know that SISTAR are definitely the queens of catchy summer songs and this year they did not disappoint with “SHAKE IT”. I have no other words to describe this song other than “catchy” and “fun”. I can’t help but get up and shake it when I listen to this song. I guess I’ll do that now while I still have a few more days left in the summer.


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