August 2015 Favorites

As I sit in this green and gold spiraled chair with one foot under my thigh and one hand tempted to stop typing this post and instead grab the mason jar filled with my “chia cereal”  I can’t help but be reminded that this is the reason why I’m telling you all of this at such a late time. While everyone was in August I was still in July, and now that everyone is in Sepetember I am still in August. If I keep this up I will indeed super sonic rocket my way into October without realizing it. Where has the time gone? Probably in the opposite direction of my mind which seems to be in a very bad state of procrastination and lethargy. However this post symbolizes the end to that lethargy. I rebuke it and dedicate myself to a higher thing. I’ve finally decided to participate in life again and do what I was wonderfully made to do. I will start with this post, which will officially begin…….now: 

August was rough on my minimum wage earning, college student bank account. I seriously spent the most money this month on pre-ordering textbooks for school, stationary and other unnecessary things which I some how talked myself into needing. I regret nothing.

My all time favorite product which I received this month and will, without a doubt, purchase again came all the way from South Korea (I think). If it didn’t come from South Korea I definitely heard about it from a Korean lady on Youtube. Her name is Eunice and she’s a member of the Youtube channel “WISHTrendTV”, my source (and should be your source too) for beauty tips.

Towards the end of July she uploaded a video titled “Korean Glowing Skin Transformation: Make Your Sensitive Skin Healthy within 1 Month!”  I was intrigued to say the least. I’ve already come to the conclusion that Korean skin care products are the best and that Koreans have the best skin, so yea I kind of wanted to hop on that.

However I’m not dumb, I don’t believe everything that claims to work within a month or a week or (insert incredibly short time frame here). So I watched the video to spot the bullshit. I couldn’t find it.

 On top of that the deal that they were offering was actually a significant deal (about $20 off market price I think). On top of that I purchased it on tax free day and so I got free shipping & no taxes. MEGA DEAL. Of course I had to wait like 2 weeks for it to get here from the other side of the globe but it was well worth the wait.

So here’s the deal (which is now over I believe): I got a bottle of Klairs’ Vitamin Drop Serum which contains Vitamin C. (Vitamin C is said to be a great in hydrating and treating dark spots.) In addition I got 15 Natural Vitamin Enhancing Sheet Masks which are suppose to enhance the effects of the nutrients and vitamins I received in the serum.

When I started using it in the middle of August I could already tell the mask sheets at least were doing something because my skin actually felt moisturized the morning after I used them. Then as the days went by I noticed the Vitamin C serum must have been working as well because my dark spots were actually disappearing and I could tell I wasn’t breaking out as often. As I’m coming to the end of my 30 day trial I can definitely say the only break out I’ve had so far is because I decided to binge on 2 packs of Oreos. That break out was only 1 small pimple. Not bad for someone who usually has an army outlining her chin after eating just 5 Oreos.

In addition to this purchase I also scooped up another amazing deal at I got a code from one of my favorite instagramers, “Rrayme”, that gave me one of their spin skin brushes for 70% off. The brush is $100 so I got it for $30, and once again I bought it on tax free day so it was $30 even. I’ve always wanted one of those Clarisonic brushes but I wasn’t going to spend $100 for it. I figured the Vanity Planet brush would probably work just as well. It did.

For years I used cleansers on and off thinking it was enough but apparently I needed a brush for my face just like I need a brush for my teeth. In July I bought black soap as a cleanser and witch hazel as a toner because I heard the awesome reviews about it. I had used it for about 2 weeks and saw no significant results. As soon as I used the brush (which I got before the Korean stuff) I knew what the problem was: my skin was never clean. Before when I used my toner after cleansing I noticed the white cotton pad had a good bit of brown on it. Originally I had dismissed it as probably residue from the product. Since I got the brush I know that it was just plain dirt.

The brush really helps get into your skin to all the dirt that you just can’t get with your hands and a cleanser. I highly recommend that everyone get some type of cleansing brush. The Vanity Planet brush that I got also comes with a body brush attachment and a pumice stone attachment which I’ve yet to use. Maybe you’ll hear about it in September, for now I consider the exfoliating brush and cleansing brush attachments as staple items for my new, improved and effective skin routine.

Last but not least, I’ve been in love with a planner that I haven’t been using as much as I should. I bought the Passion Planner in preparation for school and all the other extra things I need help remembering. I heard about the planner via Instagram and I liked that the creator of it made it with intentions of helping others mentally. When I got it in the mail I was ecstatic because it was prettier in person. The binding is so soft and smooth and most importantly bendable. If I’m going to be writing in something everyday and need to just chug it in my bag I need it to be flexible so this is a BIG plus for me. With it’s ability to endure it still maintains a sophisticated quality which is great.

In addition I love that the planner helps you set goals for your week, month and year, something I haven’t seen in any other planner. It has a layout for your month and then goes by week. What I like about each week is that it has a section for you to write something positive, a section for you to write down your focuses for the week and a section with an inspiring quote.

As I said in the beginning of this awfully long post, I’m refusing to be in a position of indifference and apathy. I’m making the decision to pursue and act on my passions again. This planner did not motivate me to do this (as I said I didn’t really start using it until just last week) but I think it is a good thing to have to help me plan the passions I will live out. Time to get my sticky notes and highlighters to make my plans look as bright and spirited as I imagine.

Until September…


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