Wonder Girls’ Reboot Album Review

 The Wonder Girls are back!

 For those of you who don’t know, the Wonder Girls are basically shared the title of  “Queens of K-pop” with Girls’ Generation. However they’ve been on a 3 year hiatus and the most we’ve heard from them was when Yeeun had a solo album under the name HA:TFELT and a few of the other members featured on that album. Then on August 3rd the girls dropped the title comeback track “I Feel You” from their latest album, “Reboot”.

The naming of the album undoubtedly hints at not only their transformation from a five-member band to a four member band but their re-branding from a fierce pop dance group to a terrifyingly amazing and electrifying girl band.

Yes. They are the only (correct me if I’m wrong) mainstream K-pop girl group that have not only taken up the art of playing instruments for all their songs but are playing instruments in 6 inch heels while, as we see in the MV, continuing to dance.

Oh did I forget to mention that the queens changed their usually retro 60s sound to a more uptempo, synth filled 80s dance party!

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I love 80s-esque music so this album could not have been any more perfect for me. Yet it’s not just for me, the Wonder Girls (who composed majority of the songs themselves) have shared their awesome for all us to enjoy, and I promise you will enjoy it.

“I Feel You” is the girls’ title track and the MV has to be the best MV from WG so far. While the rest of the world has their heads all in the 90s’ vagina, the WG are rocking in the 80s’ vagina (or Sunmi’s vagina, not sure). With the grainy, VHS style MV along with the bodysuits that hint at at a 80-s workout video and the freakin KEYTAR sported by Yeeun there is no doubting that the girls are going for the 80s vibe. “I Feel You” is a breathy mid-tempo synth pop dance track that keeps it’s modern and signature Korean flavor with Yubin’s sensual rapping flow.

After hearing the rest of the album “I Feel You” becomes more like the appetizer of a delicious home-cooked dinner.

I’m still deciding on what part of the meal the rest of the songs on the album would fit under but I’m assured “Gone”, the most R&B like track, would be the dessert. Because how could you deny the sensual serenades of Yeeun and Sunmi. Then add on Yubin’s lascivious rap over the lazy beat as your icing on the dessert, how could you not be tempted to do some body rolls.

Then “Remember” the only ballad on the album would be the song you listen to while unzipping your pants and plastering yourself on your couch as you think about how especially amazing that dinner was.

You’ll think about how your thirst was quenched with the super catchy “Baby Don’t Play”. Then how you were served a basket of dancing bread with “Candle”, a sassy 80s electro funk song that was heavenly buttered with Paloalto’s smooth rap.  Or maybe you’ll still be lost in the adventurous supersonic neon wonderland that you were sent to when you were jamming to “One Black Night”, the closest song you’ll get to hearing the modern, Calvin Harris style, electronic music.

If you love electronic music but are tired of today’s mainstream electronic dance music the the Wonder Girls’ “Reboot” album will give you all the dance parties that you need. The album is not your typical K-pop summer album but rather an album that can be played at any season in any country to anyone ready to dance. Don’t worry though, there are enough still enough slow tempo songs for you to have a water break.


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