June 2015 Favorites

Well hot dog! It’s July!

So that means another monthly round up of favorites!!!!

The Things that Made Me Go “LaLaLa” 

1.) J. Han’s “Ivory Tower” 

      I actually did a full review of this album here so I won’t be going into much detail. 
     What you need to know is that  1.) J. Han is a Korean-American rapper who 2.) is an awesome             lyricist and 3.) his lyrical powers shine well in “Ivory Tower”, his latest album that 4.) is filled             with mostly relaxed, soulful hip hop and pop melodies that give off a cattle farm full of good vibes.  
Favorite songs off his album are “Watch Out”, “Han Solo”, “Villain” and “Shalom”. 

2.) Miguel’s “Wildheart” 
              If God is love, Miguel is sex. Seriously. If you’ve been around me long enough then there’s a chance you’ve heard me tell you about one of my “sexy songs”. If you’re bold enough to call me your friend then you’ll definitely know that most of my “sexy songs” are either by Beyonce, Prince or Miguel. 
Miguel’s earlier albums weren’t something you would share with your pastor but there were a few songs in there that you could slip in and it would be totally not awkward. The songs on “Wildheart” though are definitely not the type of songs you’ll be sharing with your pastor and that’s okay because you know what you shouldn’t be grinding skin with your pastor (unless you’re married to him/her of course). 
Speaking of skin grinding, that high note Miguel hit in “Flesh”……Lord Jesus it’s a fire! Let’s make it clear that I don’t like Miguel’s songs because of the overpowering sexual nature of his lyrics. Because if that was the case then I would like about 90% of the artist that are out today. The thing that I like Miguel and especially this album is that it’s not safe. It’s quite experimental when it comes to the musical production. Along with that Miguel knows how to not just sing the lyrics but instead sing the emotions behind the lyrics. 
The flow of the album is absolutely wonderful as the first half of the album takes you from super, “sharing spit while super drugged up (or just crazy in love)” vibes to “summer days in California palm tree gazing” vibes. In other words “Wildheart” is half psychedelic funk and half electro, R&Rock. If you’re still not getting the sound just think of the love child of Prince and the Weeknd. Still not good enough? Just think of Miguel because that’s the only thing this album can be accurately compared to Miguel himself. He has definitely created a more unique (and dare I say better and sexier) sound than his previous two albums just in case your panties weren’t wet enough. 
                    Favorite songs: “gfg”, “face the sun”, “FLESH”, “the valley”, “DEAL”, “destinado a morir”

Things That Made Me Go “Why is it over?” 

3.) “Cowspiracy”

This month I finally watched the highly recommended documentary “Cowspiracy”. I kept putting this documentary at the end of my imaginary list because I’ve already seen a lot of documentaries about the secrets of the food industry. So I didn’t really know what else I could have possibly learned that I hadn’t already heard from the other five hundred films I’ve seen about the subject. Surprisingly “Cowspiracy” did give some new information.
What I liked the most about the documentary is that it did not tackle the food industry corruption from the vegan/vegetarian viewpoint of “eating animals is bad”. Instead the director came from the environmental viewpoint of “the planet is dying why?”. He made a good point about how a big reason for a lot of environmental problems is because of these huge meat farms but yet environmentalist groups aren’t even mentioning it. The film left one lasting thought: “how can anyone claim to be for the nurturing of the environment but support the meat industry?”

4.) “Tomorrowland”

Because no one still wants to go see “Mad Max” with me I was left to going to see “Tommorwland” with my brother and his friends. I was interested in seeing the movie but I didn’t expect it to be great.
It wasn’t great.
The movie was very safe and didn’t really introduce anything amazing. At times the flow of the events was even sloppy. The movie was a nice C+ or B- film that you would probably rent from a RedBox for $1 on a night alone if you had nothing else to do other than rent a $1 movie.
However it left me encouraged. This is definitely a movie I wouldn’t mind showing to kids as it would leave the message with them to not only continue to dream but to actually take action to make their dreams a reality even though no one else might agree or though no one else seems to be making a change in their world.
So the message was my favorite this month not really the movie.

5.) “The Producers”

Did you really think I was going to end this post without mention something South Korean related? (No J. Han didn’t count, he’s an American who promotes in America).
“The Producers” is a South Korean drama (K-drama) show that can be watched on Dramafever for some international audiences.
The main reasons why I watched this show was because it starred my favorite actress Gong Hyojin and my favorite actor Kim Soo-hyun. Later on I found out one of my favorite singers, IU, also had a starring role. Then as I watched the show I immediately found out Cha Tae-hyun from my favorite Korean movie, “My Sassy Girl”.  was the male lead in the film and I went crazy.
Unfortunatley the show didn’t satsify my desire to watch a K-drama that gave me emotions like “Boys Over Flowers”, “Master’s Sun”, or “My Love From Another Star” but it has been one of the better K-Dramas I’ve seen in a while. I had recently finished “It’s Okay It’s Love” which I wasn’t entirely invested in as it took me about two months to finish it. “The Producers” on the other hand managed to keep me interested and care for the characters despite it not being laugh out loud funny or tear jerking.
Producers is a simple and cute show that is carried by the strong character development. Even some of the very irrelevant characters I cared for thanks to the writing. I especially loved the portrayal of Baek Seung Chan who’s naivete made me want to kiss him and choke him at the same time. Plus I believe I’ve picked up some of Cindy’s mannerisms which only shows my affection for her (or at leas IU’s portrayal of her).

I still have one more episode to go but I basically watched this show within a week which I haven’t done with a K-Drama since I watched “Answer Me 1997” over the winter.
I guess for July I’ll watch another Kim Soo-hyun drama or I’ll just go look for a man to make love to Miguel’s album with. Until July!

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