May 2015 Favorites

Bada freaking boom! It’s June!

I promise you May came and conquered like a skateboarder speeding down a narrow, crowded street (I’m actually very interested in learning to skateboard this summer  BTW).

Well let’s get right into the good stuff: my May favorites.

Jam Sesh 

Big Bang. That’s it.

(There’s a lot more songs that I enjoyed this month but most of them were K-Pop artist because May 2015 was the month of the K-pop Originals comeback. So I’ll do  a separate post on all my fave K-pop acts of May.)

If you don’t know who Big Bang is then I suggest you get your life together because Big Bang is the best thing that ever happened to the music world let alone South bada freaking Korea.

In other words, yes I am obsessing over more K-pop artists in this post. Sur-puh-bada freaking-rise!

My excitement for this group though is just. You see Big Bang is not just your typical South Korean boy band. Big Bang is THE South Korean boy band that other South Korean boy bands wish they could be. From the eccentric fashions of the leader G-Dragon to the effortless blending of various sound genres into one tasteful sound, Big Bang is the leader of the K-pop scene and after more than two years for a full album, the boys are back…..with a bang of course.

Unfortunately because of their concept to release multiple singles throughout the span of four months, us fans won’t be able to get the enjoyment of the full album until September. Luckily what little we do get each month has been great so far.

For their May release the boys dropped the songs “Bae Bae” and “Loser”. I personally prefer “Bae Bae” because I just overall prefer the groups hip-hop/r&b style over most of their rock styles. The beat to this song is so sick. It’s like music you’d like to hear while doing acid with Zenon (the girl of the 21st century), but without the acid because, you know, don’t do drugs kids. Plus I love T.O.P.’s Mad Hatter vibes in the “Bae Bae” MV. Really, everyone looks great in this MV, BigBang’s ever evolving and daring style shines bright in both MVs. (I will say I hate Taeyang’s approach to all the styles, it still feels to me that he is trying to be GD more so than himself, but whatever.)

And just because I’d rather get it over with now instead of mention it in the June faves post, Big Bang’s second set of singles which were released the 1st of June are also my faves.

“Bang Bang Bang” is definitely on my workout playlist now. It’s such a hype song and come on, the video is equally as hype. I can’t get over T.O.P.’s cowboy look and his rap part is my favorite. Okay, let’s be real, T.O.P. is my favorite. He’s been my favorite for the last six years.

When hearing “We Like 2 Party” right after the other song it’s like going from a Diplo concert to a Taylor Swift concert. Both are equally great, but gosh the change! The change!


Well guess what, I’m behind with the trends once again. This month I decided to start one of my summer goals and that’s to read more books. I only read one book this month and it took me two weeks to read it, but whatever I’m getting back into the hang of it. I chose to read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and it was splendid. (“Splendid” isn’t that something people say when they’re referring to a night’s out or food?)

To put it short it: Amy Dunne is a psychotic cunt of a bitch and Nick Dunne is a dumb asshole of a cunt of a bitch. I hate them both and wish neither one of them the best of luck, but boy do I love reading about them.

Flynn gave so much depth to her characters that it reminded me of why I love reading so much. Definitely the perfect book to start my summer of reading. The film on the other hand doesn’t necessarily convict me to watch more movies, but that’s probably because I was too busy cringing at the parts from the book the film left out.

Watching Endian 

I didn’t watch much this month. I continued to watch the only two shows that I’m watching (because tv shows aren’t my thing)  like Game of Thrones and It’s Okay That’s Love (a K-Drama that only has 16 episodes but I’ve been too busy to binge watch it, actually I don’t ever binge watch things my attention goes as fly scurrying off to take a leak(if they can do that)).

The little that I did watch this year obviously didn’t stick out that much because I can’t even remember them. So the two that really caught me are videos from Youtuber “CamonFruit” and a documentary named “Cutie and the Boxer”. 

While scourging for vegan recipes on Youtube somehow I came across Cam on Fruit’s channel and pretty much fell in love. The thing that I’ve noticed about a lot of vegan Youtubers is that their video quality is usually crappy and their videos are usually boring. The recipes and other info that they give is great but I can’t deal with the 2006 video quality and the lack of effort shown in the actual content and production of their videos. I love Cam’s channel because he actually puts effort into his videos which to me shows a little bit more passion along with creativity….and with creativity usually comes entertainment. Cam’s videos are very fresh and usually entertaining. I get tips and giggles. His channel is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Meanwhile I’ve been very into documentaries this season. I see the artistry behind the minimal production and the truthful content and Cutie and the Boxer was just a masterpiece.  The film focuses on the life of Japanese artists Noriko (Cutie) and  Ushio Shionhara (the Boxer) whose 40-year marriage has had more than enough ups and downs. The film is shot more so in Noriko’s perspective than Ushio’s which I think shows the sympathy the director, Zachary Heinzerling, has for Noriko’s lack of support and attention. Despite the the deep pit of darkness that film goes through while revealing the details of their marriage the film is able to remain light and joyful through Noriko’s artistic story of Cutie and the Boxer. So far Cutie and the Boxer is my favorite documentary.


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