Me, Myself and My Breast | Because You Cared

Because you cared….
I hate bras.
No this is not a feminist rant,
but yeah, it is.
It wasn’t intended to be last fall when I was thinking this out.
It was just me trying to figure out why women wear bras.
I have huge breasts. I think they’re like a G, I’m not really sure. The reason why I’m not sure is because every time I get measured at the bra store I get different sizes. So I’d prefer to think that I’m like a DDD, not because I think large boobs are the devil but because “Triple D” is more fun to say than any other bra size.
That’s beside the point.
The point is that I have huge breast and it’s usually hard to find a perfect bra. So one warm fall day of 2014 I was getting dressed and looked at my bra and said to it “you annoy me. Why do I even have to wear you?” (I promise I don’t have daily conversations with my bras).  
This led me to do some research on the history of the bra. In short I found out that bras are basically just the reinvention of a corset which were made after men had a meeting some thousands of years ago to discuss how they were going to control women.
That’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.
Although this was good info for me to give up the bra I still wanted to know why women really wore bras. It never occurred to me that the only reason why I wore bras was because I was told to and because every woman did. I never asked anyone the benefits of wearing a bra. I never asked why. So I asked Google. 
The main comments I found about why women wear bras are:
1.)    For support
2.)    To prevent sagging in the future
3.)    Because it doesn’t feel right without one
The thing is a lot of these are more ideas that were just sold to us by whoever was designated to spread myths (the Myth man?).
A woman’s breast doesn’t need support. Our boobs were designed to support themselves, they don’t need help. That’s like wearing a neck brace to help your head/neck even though you didn’t do anything to damage it. It’s stupid. Women’s boobs are going to sag when they get older regardless of if they were a bra or not. Actually studies have shown that women who do wear bras boobs sag more than women who don’t. Either way both women’s boobs are going to hang low.
The desire of not wanting boobs to sag and to sit up as perky as a guy’s erect penis comes from unrealistic beauty standards set by the media that this society is still chasing leprechauns to achieve.
We need to understand that we were made into beautiful masterpieces from the beginning and that signs of our aging are equally as breathtakingly beautiful.
With that in mind we shouldn’t be against not wearing bras because we think that it feels awkward or we’re scared of our nipples showing or whatever. These feelings and fears have roots in an oppressive societal rule. Our natural body is beautiful and to make someone feel uncomfortable or awkward to roam freely in their body is cruel and binding.
I will admit though that I don’t always go braless because of the whole “oh no, I can’t have my nipples showing” mindset. I’m still dealing with not wanting to feel judged by others for the whole “braless look”. I am working on it because I do like the feeling of being braless. I feel lighter and able to do more physical things.
At this point either I wear a sports bra or I wear no bras. I don’t have to be working out to wear a sports bra, I just like wearing them because they’re not as tight and uncomfortable as regular wire bras. My new obsession though are these lace bralettes. I bought one from Urban Outfitters that doesn’t really fit well, but I wear it simply because it’s pretty and so comfortable that it feels like I’m wearing a strip of clouds.
Meanwhile my mom is on my back for my “rebellious ways” and insists that I buy some bras.
But I say to Mordor with all of that foolishness.  It’s not like I’m completely anti-bra, I’m more anti-shaming. I don’t think my respect or value should be determined by if I wear a bra or not. Not wearing a bra does not make me lazy, careless, a whore, a junkie etc. Nor does wearing one make me respectable, classy, sexy etc. I don’t believe that women should feel forced to wear a bra. I don’t believe that our nipples are something that we should feel grossed out about. There’s nothing gross about it.
We should have the option to freely wear or not wear a bra without being shamed.
Bodies weren’t made to be shamed. They weren’t made to be sexualized.
There’s no mystery that women have boobs so why hide them?

That’s all I have to say because, you know, you cared. 

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