April 2015 Favorites

 I’ve been bad at this blogging thing , isn’t that a cliché. Well while I was not writing I did indulge myself in some wonderful things the whole month of April. The other two months were quite adventurous too, but because it’s too late to actually talk about these (or more of I kind of forgot) I’ll be focusing on my favorite things last April. I love watching those monthly favorite videos on Youtube and thought it would be a good idea to incorporate that onto this blog. It’s good to kind of have a recap of all the good things that I’ve been enjoying on a monthly basis.

Obviously this is the most important thing that happened all of April and is continuing on today. I made the decision to live a vegan lifestyle. However I’m not too keen on actually calling myself a vegan just yet partly because it’s only been a little bit over thirty days sense I’ve stopped consuming animals and partly because I’ve noticed that “veganism” is kind of like a religion for a lot of people and my religion is Christ  not veganism.  I can do a whole post about my transition to a vegan lifestyle (or my preferred term “Edenite” lifestyle) but the main thing is I’m living it and I’m enjoying it.  
Through this vegan diet change obviously I’ve been  eating a lot of new things. I’ve always loved fruit but didn’t venture out too much from the four main ones: bananas, strawberries, grapes and oranges.
Now I’ve been introduced to KIWI which has got to be one of the best fruits God put on this Earth. 
Seriously, it’s magnificent and ugh, it’s just……yeah.
Along with new fruits I’ve been eating a lot more vegetables now. I used to hate vegetables but after praying that God would give me a taste for vegetables I actually enjoy them and eat them raw. My favorite of April is SPINACH. Spinach is actually my mom’s favorite and I didn’t understand her until now. Spinach to me taste better raw and really picks up the flavors of foods surrounding it so 
it’s great to mix in a rice bowl, pasta, etc.
Lastly, Youtube and Instagram has introduced me to so many awesome vegans who either have given me great recipes or just more knowledge on how to live a vegan life. My top two faves are Laura Miller from “Raw. Vegan.Not Gross” on the Tastemakers YT channel and Essena Oneill who is active on YT, Instagram and her own blog.  Some other honorable mentions include Nicole Albrecht’s channel, the Bondi Harvest channel(they don’t have solely vegan recipes but it’s still an AWESOME channel), TeaTannedandToned IG/blog, MantrasandMangos IG/YT and Alexandra Tallulah of InMyBowl.
If you know me you know I’m usually either really early or really late when it comes to music. Sometimes I’m too busy visiting past musicians that I miss out on a lot of the good new music. While Nick Jonas was doing his thang I was on a Diana Ross memory lane. While I’m still on this Diana Ross memory lane I do need to give ten shout outs to Nick Jonas for doing the thang. Seriously “Jealous” and “Chains” are on repeat. Those are the two songs that are constantly playing at work so I haven’t actually listened to his full album I just assume it’s good. If it’s in my May favorites then you’ll know how I feel about it then but right now those two singles are the bomb.

Back to Miss Ross, I’ve been currently giving all my 60s, 70s, and 80 vibes to some of her songs like “Upside Down”, “Endless Love” and “Love Hangover”. Diana will always be a queen to me. With both her fashion and charisma what’s not to love.

Lastly there are a lot of pop hits that I’ve been having on repeat. They’ve been playing on the radio for like months but for some reason I just started liking them. Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time”, and Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s “Outside” are just so freaking catchy, it’s that simple. Plus I always love my baby girl Rihanna, and her two singles “Fourfiveseconds” and “Bitch Better Have My Money” are my chill and turn up songs respectively.
Then you have that good K-pop. Lim Kim’s voice is borderline annoying but she somehow makes it work with her quirky music. I’m so glad she’s finally back with her new album ‘Simple Mind’ (which I’ll probably do a review on). I love her single “Awoo” it’s so unique compared to a lot of the current K-pop top 40, but speaking of K-Pop top 40…EXO! Without much blabber, EXO’s “Call Me Baby” is the cheese.


Marvel’s Daredevil. Yeah, that’s it. Seriously, this was the best makeup for the sub-parness that was the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I mean it was a nice comedy to watch in my spare time, and there were a lot of memorable quotes but it’s bound to end up like the Mindy Project….canceled in a few years. But Marvel’s Daredevil…well that’s just on a whole other league. Seriously the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t being very discrete with their money making plans and I’m not being very discrete about my money giving plans. Marvel can have all the money they want if they keep putting out great shows and films like this. If you watched Ben Affleck’s Daredevil please just erase that out your head, this Daredevil is thousand times better. It’s relatable, it’s not overly cheesy at all and the STUNTS actually look legit. Honestly, this show probably has the best stunts I’ve ever seen on any television show. So if you have Netflix please watch this show, you won’t regret it.
Last, but not least Food Inc. is a great documentary about a lot of the harmful practices and effects of the meat industry. I actually watched this after making the decision to go vegan but it definitely gave a heap more info about how the meat and processed food industry is more harmful than it is beneficial to not only the consumers but farmers and immigrants. It’s not necessarily a movie encouraging people to go vegan but does give a lot of info that would make you consider that option. Definitely a mind opening film so check it out between one of your Daredevil episodes.
Well that was a lot, I’ll try to shorten it next month by maybe talking about some of my faves and experiences throughout the month so you don’t have to be bombarded with all my feels in one sitting.

Until next time

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