Visiting An Old Friend

I was making Japanese and she’s watching DVDS in Oakland, in Oakland.
 In Oakland
 In Oakland
 In Oakland
 Doda dooo dad dooo da dooo da Dooo

Childish Gambino’s Telegraph Ave. (“Oakland” by Lloyd) has been playing in my head since I heard it a couple of weeks ago.

 Yes! I know. I’m mad late. That song came out last year and I’m just now hearing it. If it gives me any redeeming points (not that I’m seeking that from you anyway) I have known about Childish Gambino before the years 2012, 2013 and 2014. I have all his music up to 2012 but anything after I’m just now seriously paying attention to. So I’m not jumping on some Gambino bandwagon. If anything

I’m just catching up with an old friend. That friend isn’t just Childish Gambino, it’s music.

 I haven’t properly had a good conversation with music in a while. Before 2014 I was hardcore into music. I would know about the newest everything….well everything except whatever was on the top 100 that is. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t download some song or get introduced to some artist.

 Then I guess I got too busy to dedicate my time to exploring the musical realm and went to hang out in the “American student” realm. Well that realm got a bit boring obviously plus I have to hear the same 5 songs every day at work because we play the darn radio and I just can’t take it anymore. So I had to go visit an old friend and my oh my am I am having a great visit.

 Lolawolf, King Krule and Ben Howard are a couple of the artists that I have recently been acquainted with. I got to know these artists towards the end of 2014, around November to be a bit more precise. 

Really out of the three of these artists King Krule is the only one whom I’ve never heard of. The other two I’ve known about them but never bothered to seriously sit down and listen to them.

The first song I heard was ‘Out Getting Ribs’ and I was immediately enraptured by his growl like, lazy croon. I listened to the rest of his album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, and still can’t pick a favorite song. It’s a mixture of some of my favorite genres: jazz, indie rock, hip hop and darkwave.

 But if any of these artists are mixing it up its definitely Lolawolf.

Let’s be honest, I only heard of this band because Zoe Kravitz is in it, but I didn’t decide to check them out until one of my favorite fashion bloggers posted a picture with the group.

I gave them an ear and they gave me an eargasm.

I do imagine that most people wouldn’t be attracted to their sound after one listen. It’s a blend of a lot of things that you wouldn’t think would work. Probably like putting a cellphone in a blender, but unlike the sound that would make Lolawolf’s sound actually works.

(I’ve noticed that I’m usually attracted to odd things, dark things and gritty things. That’s why I love unusualy, deep-wailing voices or beats that don’t usually go together.)

It sounds so simple and effortless but you can tell that they’ve tried and I appreciate that a lot. Their sound is a bit 90s R&B, a bit 80s electro pop, a bit rock, a bit quesadilla, and a bit wavy.

In short: it’s up my alley.

 Again, I’ve heard of Ben Howard before 2014. I was introduced to him through another underrated artist named Matt Corby. I heard a live version his song ‘I Forgot Where We Were’ on Youtube and fell in love and converted the video to mp3. I searched for more of his stuff and found his album Every Kingdom. I listened to it for about three months then moved on, not out of dislike but because I wanted a different genre.

Unfortunately I kind of forgot about him but stuck to that first song. Then a year later he finally releases an album of the same name, but I didn’t know until about two months after his release.

I still listen to the live version I originally found on Youtube, but his entire album is perfection. I don’t have much else to say about Ben Howard other than I regret trading his beauty for another artist.

 I can’t say the same about Childish Gambino’s latest album. I think I did need that break apart from him. He’s a great artist but I think I took my break off from him when I needed to and came back just in time to see him shine brighter. I don’t think I was missing anything.

 Speaking of timing, I listened to Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” album at work last week or so and honey I couldn’t control myself. Honestly my obsession with Drake is about two more good albums away from being as strong as my Cumberbatch obsession. However despite my bias, this is definitely Drake’s best album so far.

 But Telegraph Ave. is still in my head right now, and my friend is cooking burrito bowls and I can smell that cilantro and it smells good, but it’s not overshadowing the pain that I’m experiencing because my butt is on this hard floor, but


 (don’t ask).


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